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For a Limited Time Only Now $2.50 for the FULL SET!!

We hope you will support us in purchasing this Set!! 

New Collectable Alpha Caps :  


not a hunt, download directly...

In order for us to keep doing these hunts/downloads for you, we need your support please. If YOU could purchase just ONE letter each time, everyone wins! We really hope you will support us.

The Letter K is not in a direct download, you have to purchase it if you want it! This way you will support us!

Rules the same as always :

No Help, No clues; No Hints; NO Discussions!

You have 7 days to collect them all! Enjoy!

Our Weekend Collectable Alpha Caps

"Beautiful" Alpha Caps!

Every Saturday a New Letter will be uploaded. You have two days to collect them, after that you will have to purchase it.

Letter P is now available! 



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